The protection of goods and persons in mobility

From detection to intervention

MIOS is a leader in the industry for people and goods´ security. With its complete range of Emergency Call phones, industrial intercoms and sound systems, MIOS provides information systems that process alerts, transmit messages, intercom, sound systems, video and collect data. MIOS also provides a wide range of programs that allow businesses to analyse the collected data, process alerts and that interconnect the different actors of the chain (user, roads, facilities, police station, mechanic team and users) so as to optimise intervention. At MIOS we develop all of our products based on principles of interoperability and ascending compatibility, thereby guaranteeing high flexibility and durability for our clients. The products and services provided by MIOS have demonstrated their relevance and reliability over the last 30 years on numerous roads, tunnels, airports, subway, industrial sites and parking lots around the world

Emergency Call Networks and Supervision Program Asur

MIOS is the leading company for new generation Emergency Call Networks. We have over 30 years of experience in road safety and user protection and we are proud that over 70% of the road network in France is equipped with our products.

Alert systems and safety communication

MIOS offers safety communications solutions developer especially for industries that manage crucial processes for the protection and information of users on the facilities. We offer Alert and Information of Populations in integrated solutions that meet the needs of local authorities and industrial facilities. MIOS services will adapt to the class of risk, the local circumstances so as to maximize the reception of alerts by the target population. The communication channels include: Sirens, automated call machines, Variable Message Signs, Radio Data System and Cell broadcasting.

Smart parking

MIOS has developed various systems for Smart Parking Management: Centralized Technical Management for Parking lots, VoIP Intercom, GTC mobile and PTI/DATI. At MIOS we also develop applications for shared parking spaces allowing users to book and manage their parking space with a mobile app.

Smart Traffic Management

At Mios we guide and assess throughout the implementation of ITS projects:

  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Automated Technical Data Collection (RADT)
  • Emergency Call Network (ECN)
  • Automated Licence Plate Reading Systems (LAPI)
  • Alert and Evacuation Sytems
  • Metering Solutions
  • Relief Itineraries
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)