Secured Identification

The security of persons is a permanent challenge that is only increased by their growing mobility. MIOS offers products and solutions that enable to: identify and locate a person in distress, allow access of authorized persons to restricted access facilities or to alert and/or prevent trespass. Through a voluntary action the person is identified and geolocated thereby allowing her access to assistance or a determined service.

MIOS delivers innovative technological solutions for the identification of persons, vehicles, objects or data tracking. The solutions go from the basic identification to reinforced identification based on algorythms and security certificates (algorythms with type DES or RSA public keys).  We are currently witnessing a fast paced increase in machine to persons and machine to machine communications which result into new challenges in terms of security.

Our objective is to provide a security coherence for identification between the user’s contactless card, the contactless card reader and the Logic Processing Unit/Logical Unit of Work (LUW) located in the client’s facilities. Our technologies offer an adjustable level of security according to the client’s requirements.

Thanks to our expertise in secure M2M communication, MIOS offers smart products and solutions in Secure Identification. Our identification technology will adapt to access control of persons as well as vehicles.

RFID Access Control

For security reasons MIOS chose to offer 13,56Mhz RFID technology for its badges and badge readers as a standard. The readers comply with ISO 14443/ISO 18000 / NFC (Near Field Technology). Security schemes are available, allowing the client to manage his own security keys.

Dangerous Vehicle/Sensitive Substances Detection

Automated identification of dangerous substance signs on vehicles. Automated identification of vehicle heights to guarantee infrastructure and road security.

Automated Licence Plate Reading ALPR

MIOS LAPI allows realtime identification, location and reading of any vehicle’s licence plate. Used in applications such as: journey time calculation, Instantaneous speed, reinforcement, etc.

Geolocalisation by active RFID

RFID Géolocalisation enables to locate a person in areas that are not covered by GPS geolocalisation.


MIOS develops solutions for isolated workers issues (loss of verticality, incidents, etc) through material products – PDA DATI.