Emergency Call Network – ECN

Emergency call network in web mode

ASUR® was conceived so as to guarantee optimal and smart management of emergency call networks, no matter their extent. The ASUR® system provides a valuable support to all actors of road user safety:

  • Owners/Operators
  • Police, firemen, red cross, etc
  • Breakdown mechanics

It allows them to access the supervision system in light client mode. The Server/Light Client architecture of the ASUR® system enables the implantation of call response, maitenance and administration terminals at any geographical location of the owners IP network.

Simple Management of the entire network:

The solution offered by MIOS through the ASUR® software offers all the required features for a simple and robust management of the Emergency Call Network.

  • Call response with their precise localisation on a detailed synoptic.
  • Call from an Emergency Call Phones, warning, transfer to police, firemen, red cross,  and three party conference.
  • Interfacing with a third party supervision via Modbus or Webservice
  • Creation and Management of roadside assistance and/or accidents reports.
  • Directory of actors and guard tour management
  • Multilingual vocal assistance
  • Fax and email transmission to actors
  • Testing and display of Emergency Call Phone alarms