Energy Performance Management

Realtime control of industrial facilities energy costs

MIOS developed a turnkey solution for industrial energy performance management. It allows realtime supervision of consumption in different processes by energy type and rapid identification of possible energy savings. This solution also allows production monitoring so as to create energy performance ratios according to the activity and product type.


This solution relies on our open platforms MiosBox® or Cube:OPEN® for remote reading of different meters: electric, gas, water, fuel, steam, etc. It interfaces with with all machine types to integrate production data for job ratio calculation:

  • Electric Meter remote reading (pulse, RS485, TCO/IP, radio)
  • Gas Meter and Gas Correction (pulse, RS485, TCO/IP, radio)
  • Water meter (pulse, RS485, radio)
  • Normalized calculation of gaz and fluid flow (ISO 5167)
  • Data registration in SQL Databases
  • Embedded server
  • FTP or third party SI Data Exportation
  • Data acquisition and process alarms from machines (Modbus RTU/TCP/IP)
  • Configuration of pulse weights
  • Setup of acquisition rate to the second

Energy Supervision for Industrial Facilities

No matter the complexity of your architecture (local, distant or multi-site architecture), our supervision products Mios Studio® and Ignition™ integrate a wide range of display, analysis and reporting tools for measuring consumption by energy type, by utility, and thereby set up performance indicators and monitor targets to ensure competitivity of facilities.

Features :

  • Creation or importation of process visualisation
  • Dashboard creation
  • Identification of most energy consuming jobs (Pareto)
  • Realtime monitoring of consumption
  • Harmonic interference analysis
  • Data history adjustable by time period
  • Data importation tool (example: daily production data)
  • Creation of technical and financial performance indicators
  • User data entry tools
  • Threshold and drift alarms (SMS, Email)
  • JPEG export of graphs
  • CSV or EXCEL export for raw data
  • Multi-user access
  • User profiles and access management with login and password