Facility Management:Technical supervision and safety of isolated sites and equipments

Energy Management and security of isolated facilities:

Secure electric power of field equipment (antennas, transmitters, pumps, radars, etc.) and transmit alarms with a turnkey solution. Mios PowerSecure® relies on the material suite MiosBox and MiosVision. It is especially designed for supervision of isolated facilities and equipments (relay antennas, weather stations, shelter, etc.)


  • Surveillance of isolated equipments operation
  • Transmission of all technical alarms: tank level control, anti-theft and anti-intrusion, monitoring of electric tension at group exit/inverter, radio communication emission signal control, etc.
  • Alarms are transmitted through different communication channels: email, IHM, SMS or vocal message.
  • Doubt removal: video streaming and event registration.
  • RFid access control for physical site security
  • Distant command control (power on and power off, inquiry of equipment state, etc.)