Multi energy wired and radio remote reading

Multi energy wired and radio remote reading

Our remote reading solutions rely on our MiosBox® et Cube:OPEN® concentrators. These are compatible with all available meters and most radio solutions. MIOS offers packaged turnkey solutions allowing index collection of different meter types: Pulse, Modbus o Mbus.

  • Smart meter pulse
  • Modbus smart meter
  • Mbus smart meter

MIOS offers different radio communication technologies according to the meter and required range:

  • Simple 868 Mhz or ATEX radio transmitter for gas meters
  • 169Mhz radio transmitter for ranges up to 2km
  • Prioritary frequency radio transmitter for ranges up to 20Km

The data, once saved to the MiosBox may be forwarded and available in the following formats:

  • TXT or CSV files
  • Schlumberger format adapted to integration to billing software
  • Web service for communication towards third party systems.
  • etc.

Consumption display in housing

We offer two types of display support compatible with our systems to allow display of consumption in housing.


MiosLCD is a LCD terminal connects directly to the MiosBox by RS485 or Modbus TCP and allows local display of energy consumption. The advantage of this solution being that it requires drawing only one bus in the different dwellings and does not require designing a complex internet network. Data from the MiosBox or from the Cube:OPEN (consumption, reports, temperature, etc.) are directly displayed on the terminal.


The MiosTab® is and Android Tablet that allows restrictions of use to predefined applications or webpages. This tablet is especially designed as a information terminal for public use or single application/mono application. The MiosTab® is the perfect portable or fixed terminal for APPLICATIONS ORIENTÉES METIERS or for information support for public use. The MiosBox locking software technology may be integrated to different tablet or smartphone types for local display a supervision hosted in the Cloud.


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