Ignition : The new SCADA


Ignition is more than a mere industrial supervision program, it is a innovative industrial application server that fulfills all a business’ needs:

  • Local hmi
  • Control room supervision
  • MES Application for business
  • Historian SQL
  • Hypervision
  • Integration Middleware for business or Plant to Mangement Interface (PMI)

Ignition reinvents SCADA !

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Full Web Applications Server:

Ignition is a server class software able to carry out various applications simultaneously. Unlike a traditional supervisor, you will be able to simultaneously create and exploit various supervision applications. For example: an application for normal conduct in control room, an application for HMIs in machine room or by the production lines, and another, mobile application for managers displaying key indicators. Or any other scheme of your preference.

Apart from the simultaneous and centralized acce to all your applications for an unlimited number of users, this application consolidation on a server fits in the strategy of energetic, sytems, and transferable (mobiliere) ressource optimisation. This is especially true once you virtualize Ignition (VMWare, Hyper-V, Parallels, Virtualbox, etc).

Multi-platform Technologies:

Ignition is based upon web technology, an applications server and upon dynamic contents hosted by a web server. There are numerous advantages to this setup of which we highlight:

Multi-platform: Ignition functions per se on any operating system Windows, Linux, OS X, HP-UX. This low attachment to OS enables integration of Ignition in the IT environment of the company and reduces systems requirements: the client’s equipment selection and the OS he choses best responds to his needs are respected.

Centralization : once it has been installed on a computer connected to the network, everything is accessible: server configuration webpage, setup tool, exploitations clients are launched simply from any work station with any web browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

The installation, deployment, and maintenance are simplified to the maximum, guaranteeing simplicity of architecture, rapid implementation, included in case of disaster recovery.

Unlimited Licence!

With Ignition, everything is unlimited: number of variables, number of, number of designers, number of projects, number of API connections, number of SQL connections. The only limit? Your imagination!.

Security and stability

Ignition is built on industrial quality technologies with a unified and robust architecture with redundancy integrated. Ignition has resulted being more secure and reliable than traditionnal supervision software/ SCADA. Ignition guarantees:

Stability: rigorously developed and tested
Secure SSL Technology: as used in the banking industry
Audit: visualize what is active on the system, what has been done and when
Client authentification: access system with login and password

Realtime Supervision and command control

Get the information you need, when you need it!
Ignition allows you to analyse efficiently and to display the state of your facilities in realtime:
Real time control: Use the start and stop control screens
Alarms: Stay up to date on what happens in your facilities, wherever you are located
Reports: Create your own dynamic reports, rich in data
Data Acquisition: Easily identify and store data