Remote Management Remote Reading     Smartgrid – M2M

MIOS has been a leading actor for the past 20 years in Remote Management thanks to its merger with Touret Electronique. In our continuous quest for innovation, we have developed a whole range of open and multi-protocol modular products that simplify and make deployment of Remote Management systems accessible to more companies. MIOS products supports all Remote Management, GTEB, Remote Reading and Smartgrid projects thanks to its range of M2M concentrators.

The revolution in information technologies and the generalisation of internet allow our teams to go beyond the use of the Internet as a mere communication tool, toward a complete vector of interaction with objects and everyday processes.

Realtime Understanding, analysis and visualization of data, information and processes has become fundamental to improve task realization in many a sector, especially in terms of security, mobility and energy efficiency.

Our Remote Management business unit develops material and software tools that enable the construction of secure information systems for remote and mobile access to all kinds of facilities.

Creating M2M multi service remote management platforms for infrastructure

MIOS enables management of one or various tasks or services, from a single MIOSBox. It also allows the supervision or hypervision of one or several facilities by creating a network between MIOSBox.

Following is a non exhaustive list of the functions provided by our products:

  • Realtime monitoring of multi-energy consumption through a personalized internet gateway,
  • Autopilot and optimisation programs for lighting, air conditioning and heating systems,
  • Availability of Remote forcing
  • Storage of consumption
  • Storage of defects
  • Interfacing with alarm centers
  • Automated transmission of defects and consumption to the GTB portal (centralized storage and access)
  • Access Centralisation and optimisation of consumption through access control.

Developing the best links gateway for smart-metering and smartgrid applications 

MIOS has developed and launched a new link named Cube:OPEN for remote metering and smartgrid. Based upon open technologies, it integrates data crypting technologies to guarantee reliability and security of the communication channel between the measuring equipment and the server.

Capable of remotely reading all kind of meters (gas, water, electricity, steam, etc.) or sensors (hygrometric, temperature), Cube:OPEN can also remotely pilot electric relays or waterworks via its dry contact outputs for relief and deletion for implementation of smartgrids. It integrates directly a GSM/GPRS/2G/3G modem able to send data towards a server.

Compatible with most radio modems providers, Cube:OPEN can also be integrated to any type of  wire or wireless M2M architecture.