SCADA – MES Supervision

Rethinking industrial supervision for smart factories.Modern information technologies transform control-command and industrial information systems. Conscious of the fact that breach technologies are the future of the industry, we decided to merge our activities with On Solution, to provide a business unit focused on sales and support for the Ignition software. Ignition is a revolutionary supervision software able to transform completely factory management.

Multi platform

Developed completely in Java, Ingnition™ is fully multi platform: Windows (from XP to 2008), Linux (Ubuntu for example) or Mac OS X and 32 or 64 bits.

With Ignition™ you will use the servers and client units approved by your systems department. We can of course mix environments in the architecture and thereby adapt to your main concerns: high reliability of Linux and Windows servers, ergonomics and compatibility of software on client’s terminals on Mac OS X, Windows or Linux.

Ignition™ server OPC-UA, delivered with various drivers (Siemens Ethernet, Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, TCP/UDP, etc.) allows all equipments to be connected easily, without limits of variables or connections and no matter the host’s exploitation system. The OPC-DA compatibility allows access to over 800 protocols from over 300 providers. A SDK is available free of cost to develop a specific driver should this be required.

Web server 

Complete and Unlimited Web Server. The Ignition™ includes all necessary characteristics for development of industrial applications such as HMI, Supervision (factory or workshop line management), M.E.S. or industrial middleware that connects the workshop/production line to the company’s applications.

As it is built based 100% on web technology, the software only requires 1 installation for the server, called gateway. The gateway set up is done through a webpage and the clients as well as the designer access through a weblink.

The gateway includes:

  • the Java application web server (J2ES) with the following features: security (authentification), availability (n node cluster) and performance (load-balancing)
  • OPC-UA Communication features (and OPC-DA on Windows platforms only)
  • Logging and transactional features (SQL)
  • Display features for the creation of graphic interfaces
  • Dynamic Reporting features
  • Setup Features (designer)

The above features are delivered as a standard and without restriction, meaning: unlimited variables, unlimited API and SQL connections, unlimited (and simultaneous) users, unlimited (and simultaneous) designers, unlimited reports.

The only licensing mode is through server.

With Ignition there will be no need for you to put a cap on your projects. There are no hidden costs.


Ignition instantly transforms any SQL data base in reliable historian or long term data storage (transactional). Modern databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle have ideal functional, storage, and performance characteristics for industrial applications and are perfectly accepted in exploitation schemes of systems departments. This architecture allows the conception of rich applications such as downtime monitoring and efficiency tracking, batch and recipe management, realtime/historic graph generation and PDF reporting.

Ignition can simultaneously read and write in various data bases, use your data model, and supports fail-over databases in case the main database should become unavailable. Its Store-and-forward feature enables a very high historisation flow and prevents data loss in the event of server fail-over.

And the best part is that all of this is done through a simple drag’n’drop feature and is only set up in one spot: the user benefits from the powerful database architecture without dealing with its complexity.


One of the characteristics of Ignition™ is that it will adapt to the scaling of your project.  First, the technology and server licence model allow you to focus on functionality rather than architecture and deployment. Scalability also implies adding users, which is why, Ignition™ supports Active Directory, LDAP and hybrid, mixing AD with any other database.

Finally, regarding features, not only does Ignition™ rely on powerful scripts based on Python (Python for Java) and SQL, but it also enables access to all the richness of Java, via the J2SE libraries (Java 2 Standard Edition).

Install and scale with equanimity.